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All-American Fences: Satisfied Customers

6' Board on Board with 1' Flower Bed Retention wall at bottom

     "Love the new fence! Thank you so much for your personal attention and craftsmanship in giving me exactly what I wanted in a privacy fence. My neighbor likes it so much he took his old fence down and apologized for not allowing me to paint my side. I guess you helped mend fences for me in several ways! Thanks again!" - Leslie M.

     "I know I gave you a difficult task in trying to please me and my three neighbors. They all give you very high marks for your professionalism and the quality of the job you did...

     I really appreciate your patience  in having to change the gate three times to please my wife, but now she is telling all her friends how great your service is..." - Dr. T G.

     "At first I tried to get Home Depot to send someone out to build a pergola for me and could not get any response, so I am grateful for your prompt attention to my needs.  Then you blew us away with your creativity and the wonderful suggestions and consideration of our future needs. And when you finished we could not wait to invite friends over to sit under our pergola. With the added feature of the fire pit, we feel like we just added the best room on to our home that will get a lot of use for many years to come!" - Mrs. William S.

     "I still can't get over how you were able to give us a quote over the phone and do the whole job for the price quoted! I watched your workmen and saw that you were only seven pickets short at the end from what was delivered, so I know you know your business. And the fact that you did not charge anything extra for the additional materials shows me that you honor your word. Kudos for your integrity in today's world..." - Mr. James B.

     "Thank you so much for the great job you did on our new fence! You stuck to the job and finished on time in spite of having to move the fence poles because of the French drains. My husband and I are very happy to recommend you to our friends!" - Mrs. Lois K.

     From one of our Investor Group customers: "I spoke with Graham this week to get the name of the guy that did the wonderful job on our fence work on the Bendwood, Park and Cedarcrest properties. I passed it along to a friend that had sections of his fence blown down this past Sunday. Here's his feedback:

"WOW! This guy came out at around 5 PM last night, right after I called, and worked into the dark by himself to get the job completed before all the rain blew in. Now that's what I call responsiveness! Thanks again Don and Troy for the help and referral! ~ Michael"                                                                              Let's pass along some more business his way!" ~Troy

     "The yard looks like a resort and the kids love it! Thanks for your personal attention to making our home more of an oasis...." - John E.


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