BOB Anatomy diagram
8 feet
Top Cap Plate (2x6" on SBS,
1x4" Trim 2x8" on BOB)
1x6" Trim
7 feet   1x6" - 8' picket
2 3/8" Galvanized Metal Post (9 GA)
6 feet  
Galvanized metal grip tie
2x4" PTP rail
5 feet   (actual 1.75"x3.5") 
4 feet  
3 feet   Zinc or galvenized-Plated Lag Screw
Galvanized Ring-Shanked Nails
2 feet  
1 foot  
Added Rail on Lifetime Fence
2x6" Kick Plate
3 inches   3" Air Space between ground
above ground    dirt and picket bottom
  Quickcrete Concrete Base 22" deep
  One Cubic Yard = 80+ lbs.
Top down view of Board On Board fence Use 2.375" ring-shanked nails
6' centers between 10' posts for an 8' fence 
or 8' spacing between 8' posts for a 6' fence
Holes are dug 9.5 inches in diameter and 22 inches deep to equal 1 cubic foot of space for concrete!
Posts are set in the center of the hole, one inch from the bottom.